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2021 Hamlet Dewey Dell Stage Design
2020 Approximation TBC Installation
2019 Pokale Shed Live Video, Performance
2018 Extraordinary Alien Fatima Al Qadiri Full Dome, Video
2018 Manufactory Sascha Ring Installation, Performance
2018 Shaneera Fatima Al Qadiri Light Design, Visuals
2018 Comedia Live Video, Stage Design
2017 Silver Eye Goldfrapp Visuals
2017 The Final Experiment Shed Light Design, Visuals
2016 Anno / Trans Anno Stamm Mixed Media, Performance
2015 Soundtracks Apparat Light Design, Performance
2015 Dark Flow Installation
2014 Deitar o Sal Sônia Mota Performance
2014 Bsynthome Yro Performance
2014 A Matter of Time Alex Banks Musicvideo
2014 Out of Chaos Dieter Meier Light Design, Visuals
2014 Correlators Installation
2014 Illuminate Alex Banks Visuals
2014 Der Löwe im Winter S. Hartmann Light Design, Performance
2014 Graete Performance
2013 Krieg und Frieden Apparat Light Design, Performance
2013 Black Boulder Phon.o Musicvideo
2012 Untitled Installation
2012 Echos Shrubbn!! Light Design, Visuals
2011 The Devil’s Walk Apparat Installation, Light Design
2010 Project 1051 La Caution Installation
2010 One in Other Chloé Light Design, Visuals
2010 Asynthome Yro Performance
2009 Operators Performance
2009 Franzenman Installation
2009 Bang Out CLP Musicvideo
2008 The Other Gallery Photography
2008 Waiting Room Chloé Visuals
2008 Big Besen Musicvideo
2007 Mr. Light Apparat Musicvideo
2007 Hamamogra Apparat Visuals
2007 Synken O.S.T. Live Video, Performance
2005 Arc Apparat Visuals
2004 Bolz Apparat Musicvideo
2004 Fat Camp Feva Funkstörung Musicvideo
2004 Spaque Taktik Musicvideo
2003 Symül O.S.T. Musicvideo