The video and mixed media installation Correlators transplants one of our production sets from their studio to the exhibition space. It consists of a collection of equipment clustered together to form a self-contained image creation system. The set-up integrates digital cameras and analogue equipment with raw materials and apparatus.

Cameras, lights and lenses are installed in a triangular formation on stands. Three beams of light are directed through the lenses and are aimed at a prepared glass object on a small motorised rotating disk. As the glass turns it outwardly refracts the light which is captured on small translucent screens positioned around the object. The cameras film the screens and the resulting image-stream is displayed directly on three large projections which form a defined space around the stands.

Moving within this space, the viewer can observe the degrees of transformation of the light beams: Focusing, splitting, coalescing, and eventually emerging on the walls of the installation.