Deitar o Sal


The multimedia performance Deitar o sal is the result of the meeting of artists from different disciplines.
The title of this collective creation refers to the idea of ​​salt as a transforming element of matter. Images and sounds are produced live by various devices on stage. In this evironment the dancers explore connections between their bodies and ideas of nature and technology. The performance is strongly influenced by a research trip to the cerrado – the surrounding landscape of Goiás.

In 2016 we revisited the performance for a tour of 10 performances throughout Brazil.
Watch the trailer here.
Watch a recording of the performance here.

Performance / Duration: 90min / Choreografie: Sonia Mota / Video, Light, Set Design, Music: Fernando Velázquez, Francisco Lapetina, Transforma / Dancers: Andreia Dias, B-Boy Jerry X, Guilherme Monteiro, Kleber Damaso, Luciana Caetano, Luciana Celestino, Nilo Martins / Costume Design: Benedito Ferreira