Installation, Performance

Manufactory is a live installation and stage performance inspired by the working practices of early craft workers and their approaches to the daily rhythms of modern factories and production lines. The familiar, common language of human labour is instrumentalised as part of an audio-visual composition.

Manufactory begins with manual labour. The performance quickly departs from the repetitive and concrete, and into the realm of the phantasmic and abstract. Embodying a true gesamtkunstwerk approach, Manufactory dynamically leaps across genres and disciplines. The ritual of craftwork is explored within an audio-visual composition by performers who use the stage as both the site of the performance and an instrument within it. They perform acts of labour that simultaneously engage with Sascha Ring’s sparse composition and create captivating live imagery.

Devised and directed by the artist group Transforma, together with their long-term collaborator, musician/composer Sascha Ring (Apparat), Manufactory uses live video, physical choreography and music to re-imagine the factory floor. An intimate stage set is fashioned into the site for an imaginative interpretation of manual labour.


produced by

with residency support from Mapping Festival
The project was supported by the ENCAC network and mèq festival