Graete is the result of continuing investigations of pure materiality and archaic manual processes.

In the performance a special apparatus, consisting of different mechanical, image and sound equipment, is used to explore prototypes of simple human tools and their application. During the performance, the differentiation between the archaic objects and the modern technological setup disappears. A stick or stone becomes recognisable as a tool, as does a camera or a spotlight. Graete is an imagined time-travel in a sequence of images. In the first image prehistoric humans sit in a cave using wooden sticks to stir a fire. In the last image a modern man analyses the same fireplace with modern machinery.

The resulting video- and sound-live-stream consists of actions performed in realtime on stage.

Graete can be performed as a solo performance or with invited sound artists as a structured improvisation to the visual score.


Next up, much-lauded AV outfit Transforma take to the stage. In an interesting twist on the tried-and-tested audio-visual format, Transforma create all their visuals right in front of you using a series of physical props filmed under super high-definition using an apparatus of cameras, lights and coloured filters. Accompanied by a live pianist manning both a grand piano and synthesisers, the group creates a live-action montage of abstract imagery involving the systematic destruction of various perishable items, all while an ethereal, neo-classical soundtrack a-la Godspeed… or A Winged Victory… plays overhead.“ crackmagazine