Asynthome is an audio-visual performance in which Transforma and Yro turn the stage into a workshop of experimentation.

A series of modular stations with prepared objects, light boxes, interactive sculptures and live cameras are used by the three players or ‘operators’ to create visual experiments which are projected directly on to the screen above them. The operators follow a ritualised choreography of interaction dictated by the soundtrack, which is partly pre-composed, partly generated live. These real-time manipulations of the onstage elements unfold into an experimental ‘film’ on the screen, and the audience observes an unusual parallel scenery, seeing a stream of images at the same time as the ‘making-of’ process of their production.

A loose narrative unfolds as a visual iconography which hints at mythologies of creation is instigated; lights emerge from the darkness on stage, ‘mountains’ are drawn from a tank of black liquid, organic forms appear as if seen through a microscope. Over time the visual language evolves into structures that suggest the existence of a more complex system. The effect of these stylised projected images is offset by the visibility of the often haphazard workshop at stage level. Constantly adjusting the process of creation in relation to what is happening onscreen, the operators improvise new ways of using their analogue apparatus to produce images, at times giving in to a playful loss of control.