Light Design, Visuals

For Fatima Al Qadiri’s Shaneera live show Transforma created visuals and stage lighting concept.
Fatima Al Qadiri’s career has taken an interesting turn with her latest EP, “Shaneera”, on whose cover she appears as a kind of drag queen or heavy glam singer. The title also describes the themes she discusses: “Shaneera” means outrageous or disgusting and is also slang for “evil queen” in several Arabic countries. The album is an open love letter to all the world’s queens, and its lyrics are full of references to Grinder chats and pieces of monologue concerning drag queens and gender issues. For this album Fatima has been encouraged to play live for the first time and will present a new show that uses a powerful visual device that explores the volatile space between masculinity and femininity. This provides yet another example of this remarkable artist who typically incorporates politically charged concepts into unusually deep electronic music.