Approximation TBC


Multichannel video installation, 2 projections, 1 monitor, stereo sound, loop length 16min

The title Approximation (tbc) references the ongoing attempt of science and art to gain insight through research and practice. Ironically, it also alludes to the impossibility of Transforma to physically attend the Scale Travels residency at the INL (International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory) in Braga due to the pandemic.

Transforma sent samples from their material archive to the INL for analysis. The data and images they received back were taken as inspiration to produce sculptural surfaces, video and sound in their studio in Berlin.

The narration, spoken by computer voices, has been collaged from the responses of INL scientists to a questionnaire by Transforma. This text is also displayed on a separate screen in the installation.

Commissioned by gnration and INL for the Scale Travels program